Severe Toothache? You May Need A Dental Crown

A painful toothache can be difficult to ignore, even when you take aspirin to help manage your discomfort. If a tooth continues to ache, or if it becomes remarkably sensitive, restorative dental work can be required to address problems that affect it. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can perform an evaluation to determine what might be wrong before providing the necessary care to end your discomfort. When it comes to problems that cause toothaches, dental crowns are often required as part of treatment. We use E4D technology in our office to create lifelike dental crowns on site, so you can have your tooth fully restored in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Can A Teeth Whitening Treatment Deliver Lasting Results?

If your goal is to make your smile noticeably whiter, you can schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment and look forward to a stunning improvement to your appearance. While you can count on cosmetic dental work to improve your smile, you may be less sure that you can count on those improvements to last. How can you ensure that your smile stays white after your initial treatment? At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can provide a professional whitening kit you can use for touch-ups after you undergo a professional teeth whitening treatment. With your kit, you can address the formation of new stains when they start to affect the way you look, and keep your smile looking bright! (more…)

3 Cosmetic Treatments That Can Help Patients Look Younger

The right cosmetic dental procedure can target specific smile flaws that you would like to address. With that said, a procedure can also lead to broader benefits that can be of interest to many patients. Our Shrewsbury, MA dental office offers a range of services that can lead to positive changes you are excited to show off. Even relatively minor changes to your smile over time can affect your perceived age in ways that make you less than thrilled. With the right procedure or procedures, you may be able to make yourself look noticeably younger by correcting the look of your teeth! For additional support, our practice can discuss using Botox and dermal fillers to help improve your appearance. (more…)

Our Dental Office Can Fully Restore An Injured Tooth

A tooth injury can lead to pain, problems with your smile, and concerns about your oral health. If an injury causes internal tooth problems, or leads to an infection, it can quickly become uncomfortable, and without treatment that tooth could be lost! At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are prepared to address the needs of patients who arrive with dental injuries. This means more than just making our practice available to you in the event of a dental emergency. When a tooth’s well-being is threatened by trauma, we can provide the necessary endodontic care to save it, and protect you from potentially serious issues with your smile and oral health. (more…)

Careful Contouring Can Lead To Great Smile Improvements

There are several approaches to cosmetic dental work that can lead to meaningful smile improvements. In some cases, our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can recommend cosmetic improvements that will not require the placement of restorations to hide flaws. Through tooth contouring and gum contouring treatments, we can change the shape of your teeth in order to make desirable improvements while minimizing changes to your smile. Tooth contouring helps fix teeth that look misshapen, appear too large, or otherwise seem out of place because of their shape or size. Through gum contouring, we can make a person’s smile appear more even, or reveal more of their teeth so they no longer appear short or squat. (more…)

3 Mistakes People Often Make When They Brush

Is it possible for someone who brushes twice a day to develop a cavity? Unfortunately, it is – in some cases, poor diets make it difficult for people to keep their enamel safe from decay, but in other cases people develop problems because their brushing routine is not as effective as it should be. You may be leaving yourself at risk for problems that require restorative dental work because you are not giving your smile enough attention when you brush, or because of oversights that leave your teeth less clean than you realize. It should be noted that even an effective oral care routine should not replace regular dental cleanings from your hygienist. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, patients receive important cleanings as well as detailed evaluations at every preventive dental checkup. (more…)

Can A Serious Cavity Really Cause Me To Lose A Tooth?

How much can decay ultimately do to a person’s tooth? When a cavity forms, its only initial damage will be to a person’s enamel. However, if that cavity is given time to continue growing, bacteria can reach your pulp (the inner chamber of your tooth), and begin attacking the nerves that support the tooth’s health. It is possible to save a tooth at this point with a root canal procedure. If treatment is not performed at this stage, bacteria can eventually spread through a tooth’s roots, create new infections, and leave no treatment option left other than a tooth extraction. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are prepared to help patients deal with advanced cavities. We are also able to provide important preventive services that keep you informed about your oral health so that problems can be stopped before they become serious. (more…)

We Can Provide Help If You Struggle With Sleep Apnea

A person who struggles with sleep apnea has to worry about more than just their tendency to snore. When this problem affects an individual, it interferes with their ability to rest properly, and complete their sleep cycles. As time passes, the inability to properly rest can affect your mood, interfere with your ability to focus on tasks, and make it harder for you to maintain your health. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we understand how important it can be to treat a problem with sleep apnea. When you visit our practice, we can discuss treatment with a special appliance that will help you sleep properly. This can replace the CPAP machine for individuals who suffer obstructive sleep apnea. (more…)

We Can Restore The Appearance Of A Damaged Tooth

Dental damage that alters your smile can be frustrating. Unfortunately, our teeth tend to remain damaged after experiencing a chip or crack, which means dental care is necessary if you want to address the matter, and regain your smile. Our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice understands how embarrassing it can be to have your smile affected by visible dental trauma. We provide multiple cosmetic dental treatment options for our patients, and we can find a solution that effectively restores the way you look. If the injury you suffer affects your oral health, or makes it difficult for you to put bite pressure on a tooth, we can discuss restorative dental work. (more…)

Professional Dental Cleanings Remove Tartar Buildup

Are you doing a good job protecting your teeth from cavities and gum disease? When you brush and floss, you remove harmful agents that put you at risk for oral health trouble, and keep your smile safe against threats that require restorative dental work. A good daily oral care routine protects you against plaque buildup, and the formation of tartar. While your daily behaviors are important, you should make sure you are still scheduling semiannual dental exams. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we provide important preventive services for our patients. One service we take care to provide is a professional dental cleaning. When your teeth are expertly cleaned, harmful agents are completely removed. This care even provides for the removal of tartar, which can persist despite your brushing and flossing efforts. (more…)