Capping A Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

man with nice smile dental crown conceptIf you need support for a tooth that is injured or impacted by decay, there are different options that can be recommended. Minor damages and smaller cavities can be addressed with more conservative services, but more significant problems can require dental crowns. These restorations fully cover teeth above the gumline. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we can actually provide the coverage you need in less time than many other dental offices need. This is thanks to the E4D technology that we use to produce these restorations in-house. With this technology, your restoration can be digitally designed before it is created with an in-office milling machine.

Why Your Vulnerable Tooth Might Need The Protection Of A Crown

Enamel forms the outermost layer of our overall tooth structure. The substance is remarkably strong, which is why they can absorb bite and chewing pressures for many years. As tough as it is, the material is limited in what it can do to recover when it suffers damage. This is why professional dental work for cavities and damages involves the placement of permanent restorations. The more advanced issues we experience with decay and trauma can require the full coverage of a crown, a type of restoration that can surround the tooth. For many practices, crowns need to be produced in dental labs and delivered, delaying treatment. Our practice relies on E4D technology to do everything in-house, so we can have restorations ready in just a single visit!

Using E4D Technology To Produce Your Restoration

With the technology we have in our office, we have the means to digitally measure a tooth that needs treatment before creating a design. The evaluation tells us what measurements your crown should be in order to maintain a secure fit without affecting neighboring teeth. The digital design is then used to produce your ceramic crown with the aid of a milling machine. Because your restoration is made with ceramic, it can provide durability as well as a lifelike appearance.

How Regular Dental Checkups Lower Your Risk For Problems That Require Crowns

While our office can produce crowns in less time than others require, our goal remains to help patients stay safe from the problems that require them. After all, they respond to irreversible harm to your tooth structure. Your regular dental exams and cleanings help you avoid these kinds of issues. They lower risks for the onset of problems, and they also make it possible for us to deliver early warnings about oral health issues when more conservative care is still effective.

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