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Dramatic Results For Whiter Smiles

Are you looking for a solution to help brighten the shade of your smile With so many treatment options available, selecting the appropriate cosmetic solution can be difficult. When issues with staining or tooth discoloration appear, discussing your concerns with your dentist can help illuminate your grin. Professional whitening treatments can go beyond the capabilities of common store-bought products and your dentist’s experience will guide you to your desired results.

At your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we understand how frustrating it can be to watch your smile lose its shine. As years of food and drink leave minor blemishes, your enamel can become darker and discolored. But by removing these stains, you can uncover the original white look that contributes to a healthy appearance. With Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed, we offer a hybrid approach to whitening your teeth. The combination of bleaching gel and advanced blue light LED activation accelerates the process to provide results you enjoy in a matter of days.

How Stains Build On The Surface Of Your Teeth

The protective layer of your teeth’s enamel also provides their bright white sheen. This means that any activity that harms your enamel can easily reveal itself when you smile. While your teeth are strong enough to support the significant force of your bite, common food and drink can leave behind microscopic marks that dig into their minerals. As the years go on, this contributes to a darker or yellow appearance that can give a more aged look.

When you come in for a cosmetic consultation, we can design a custom treatment plan to target concerns with the color of your smile. While over-the-counter products may be ineffective or harm your sensitive gums, our professional approach provides years of experience when enhancing your smile’s shade. We can also determine if oral hygiene concerns are contributing to your discoloration problem and place you on the appropriate cleaning schedule if needed.

Phillips Zoom Whitening Accelerates Your Results

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we offer Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed to provide dramatic results for whitening your smile in less than an hour. This treatment combines the application of a bleaching gel system with a light therapy application that accelerates the whitening process. After your initial visit, we provide a custom set of whitening trays that you may wear at home to continually apply touchups and maintain a permanently white smile!

Speak With Your Shrewsbury, MA, Dentist About Whitening Your Smile

With Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can erase stains and discoloration to provide a significantly brighter smile. The combination of in-office treatment with follow-up care at home allows you to enjoy your new look on an ongoing basis. Call Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA at (508) 842-8838 today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.