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Find A Replacement That Suits Your Needs

When a tooth extraction procedure is necessary to protect the lasting stability of your smile, it may be a bit overwhelming to think about prosthodontic replacements. Be sure to keep an open line of dialog with your oral health professional during this process in order to help reach the best result that you can. Knowledge is key through every step and can help you feel at ease.

There are a few different methods in the replacement of a fully missing tooth. If your mouth is otherwise healthy, a dental bridge can be effective at restoring chewing at the location. This is a prosthetic that hangs between two crowns that your prosthodontal care professional places upon the healthy teeth on either side of a gap. A partial denture can also help you to improve your appearance. Partial dentures provide a custom solution for multiple or unique tooth loss situations. Dental implant solutions utilize a titanium post to connect a new prosthetic to your jaw. Schedule your consultation with Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA to determine your course of action. The right choice can make all the difference!

Tested Means Of Prosthodontic Repair

Dental bridges are an effective way to renew the ability to chew after an instance of tooth loss. These lifelike prosthetics hang between two crowns placed over healthy teeth. If the area surrounding your gap remains strong, this can be a way of reinvigorating your oral health.

In other instances, multiple teeth may be missing in locations that do not lend themselves to the placement of a bridge. Partial dentures can help you to look your best with a removable device. Skilled tradespeople craft these specifically for your smile!

Plan For The Future With Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular oral health procedures on the market today. This process includes first the placement of a threaded titanium post, which grows tightly to the bone of the jaw. Our immune system interacts with this metal through a remarkable mechanism known as osseointegration. The astounding connection forms the foundation for your new replacement tooth.

Rediscover bite strength through the use of a gorgeous new dental implant. For patients who require the replacement of multiple teeth, this can be a solution for these mouths as well. Implant-supported dentures allow for a whole mouth innovation that does not cover the roof of the mouth.

Renewing Dazzling Smiles In Shrewsbury, MA

Replacing a tooth can be confusing without the right assistance. Call Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA at (508) 842-8838 today to schedule a consultation. The decision in a prosthodontic replacement procedure is vital in giving you a strong bite that is designed to last! Learn more about how we bring durability back after instances of tooth loss!