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Making Orthodontic Care More Appealing

While the outcome of orthodontic work can appeal to you, the actual process of adjusting an uneven smile can make you uneasy. For many people, orthodontic work is perceived as something that demands the use of fixed metal braces. While these bracket-and-wire appliances produce important results by moving teeth that have overlaps or gaps between them, they can be hard to ignore, and it may prove difficult for you to adjust to activities like eating and cleaning your teeth while you use them. By asking your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist about another approach, you can find out if Invisalign treatment will be effective for you. If so, you can see the changes that you want made while making your adjustment discreet!

Can You Really Straighten Your Teeth Without Metal Braces?

Traditional orthodontic work with metal braces will prove effective in the treatment of malocclusion that varies in severity. In some cases, this is the approach that is needed to fix more significant spacing problems. With that said, it is not the only way to help people who are bothered by the alignment of their teeth. For many, another approach will work—they can benefit from care with a set of discreet Invisalign appliances. What Invisalign offers is an adjustment that depends on a set of aligners made from a clear material. They are hard to see, and their removable design makes it easier to use them and not worry about how they might interfere with your regular activities.

Treating Your Uneven Smile With A Set Of Clear Appliances

A set of custom Invisalign aligners will help you take on frustrating problems with malocclusion. Each one in the set that you receive will take you part of the way closer to your fully improved smile. Because they are all made to be difficult to see, you will not have to worry about orthodontic work temporarily becoming a distraction to others. You will also have no worries about its impact on your ability to eat or clean your teeth; whenever your aligners might be in your way, you can simply remove them before you take care of whatever task they interfered with.

Looking At Different Strategies For Cosmetic Improvement

There are different ways in which we can help patients feel more confidence in how they look. Those options for care include work with porcelain veneers, which can help with some spacing problems as well as with worries about teeth that are discolored, damaged, or misshapen. We can meet with you to provide recommendations on care based on your current issues and goals for your smile.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Area Dentist About Orthodontic Care With Clear Aligners!

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