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Family Dentistry Helps Everyone Enjoy Good Oral Health

shrewsbury family dentistry

We offer treatment o help everyone from kids and teens to adults and seniors enjoy good oral health. With a preventive approach, we can help patients and their families avoid issues like tooth decay and gum disease. In today’s blog, your Shrewsbury, MA, dentist talks about our approach to family dentistry.

Starting with an Exam and Cleaning

To first stop on the road to healthy smile is a checkup visit. With advanced imaging technology, our team will look at your teeth, gums, and roots for signs of decay, infection, gingivitis, and gum disease, as well as TMJ disorder and bruxism. We also screen for oral cancer! These visits are crucial for kids and adults alike. In the same visit, we will also conduct a cleaning to remove the harmful lawyers of plaque and tartar, lowering the risk of bad breath, teeth stains, cavities, and even gum disease.

Children’s Dentistry

In addition to checkups and cleanings for kids, we can also place lifelike and safe dental fillings should a cavity form, using a metal-free composite resin that is perfect for all ages. To help lower the risk of tooth decay, our team will also offer fluoride treatments during checkups to strengthen the outer enamel and make cavities less likely. With dental sealants, we can add a special acrylic coating to the rear teeth to lower the risks of tooth decay forming in the portions of the smile kids have the most trouble reaching when they brush and floss.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

If you have issues with sleep, then you may have sleep apnea. The disorder causes soft tissues to collapse and cut of airflow as you sleep, so you stop breathing, which interrupts your sleep cycle when the brain registers then drop in oxygen and wakes you. You could experience snoring, daytime drowsiness, moodiness, and issues with concentration and memory. But our team can offer an alternative to the traditional CPAP solutions with an oral appliance. The device fits like a mouthguard and is worn as you sleep, repositioning your jaw and tongue to keep airways free of obstruction!

TMJ and Bruxism Appliances

If you have TMJ disorder, in which poor bite balance impacts how you open and close your mouth and cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms, or bruxism in which you grind and clench your teeth nightly, we can help with an oral appliance. The custom device will be worn at night and helps reposition the jaw to correct imbalance, and puts a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent further damage to your teeth.

Start Dental Care with Our Shrewsbury Team!

We want to offer care to help every member of your family enjoy good oral health and brighter smiles. To learn more about family dentistry or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call at Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508)842-8838 today!