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Why Am I Waking Up With Jaw Pain?

If you wake up and you find that your teeth feel worn down, your jaw muscles are tired, or obtain increased tooth sensitivity, you may be a grinder. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, commonly occurs during sleep, and can be caused due to an abnormal bite, or even any missing or crooked teeth. Because bruxism mostly happens during sleep, people are often unaware of the occurrence. Often, bruxism does not cause harm, but if it is persistent, it can damage your teeth and even cause other oral health complications.

How Can Bruxing Damage My Teeth?

Persistent grinding can result in the wearing down and/or loosening of your teeth, or even cause tooth loss.  If left untreated, persistent teeth grinding can even affect your jaws movement, leading to TMJ disorder (a dysfunction in your jaw’s joints, or TMJs) and a host of discomfort associated with it, such as earaches, chronic migraines, and difficulty opening and closing your jaw.

How Can I Stop Grinding?

Grinding is not something that you will have to live with forever.  There are different options to help you stop teeth grinding. For bruxism and TMJ complications, Dr. Pizzi can create custom-fit mouth guards that you wear during sleep. The mouthguard acts as a cushioned barrier between your teeth, protecting them from each other to prevent dental damage arising from your bruxism habit. In some cases, Dr. Pizzi may recommend Botox treatment to ease the pressure on your jaw joints and alleviate the discomfort.


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