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Why You Should Worry About Crooked Teeth

Many people are unhappy with their smiles due to one or more crooked teeth, but as older teens and adults, may not be much more comfortable with the idea of wearing metal braces for a few years to correct them. If crowded, uneven, overlapping, and protruding teeth were merely a cosmetic concern, then the debate about the pros of straight teeth versus the cons of metal braces wouldn’t be an especially significant one. The truth is, however, that such a decision is weighed down by the fact that uneven teeth can pose a serious risk to your oral health if left unchecked. In our quest to help all of our patients reach the pinnacle of their oral health, Shrewsbury dentists, Dr. Pizzi and Dr. Messina, offer discrete orthodontic options, such as Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® clear braces, to eliminate most of the aesthetic concerns associated with traditional braces.

An Even Smile is a Clean Smile

Aside from making your smile less-than-appealing, crooked teeth can also provide extra hiding spaces for dental plaque to accumulate. If you’ve ever run your tongue across your teeth only to feel them coated by an uncomfortable sticky gunk, then you’re familiar with dental plaque; but you might not know that the sticky stuff consists mostly of oral bacteria. Straight and perfectly aligned teeth allow you to efficiently clear them of plaque by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. When your teeth are not aligned properly, the edges and crevices may not always fall within reach of your toothbrush or floss, and can increase the risk of dental disease by harboring bacterial plaque.

An Even Smile is a Comfortable Smile

Crooked teeth can also throw your bite out of alignment, forcing your jaws to work harder to keep your mouth straight when you eat and speak. The strain can damage your jaw’s muscles and the joints, called TMJs, which allow them to move. Untreated malocclusion can lead to the dysfunction of these joints, called TMJ disorder, and its characteristic pain in your jaws, head, neck, face, and even your back.


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