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Two Surprising Truths About Teeth Whitening Options

We all have our own ideas about what is and isn’t attractive. Some are partial to dark hair, others to a certain eye color. Beauty standards vary widely, and each culture has its own set of unique characteristics. The one thing we can all seem to agree on? The power of an attractive smile. A smile is one of the few, if not the only, universally recognized facial expressions. It’s often the first thing we notice about others, which explains why teeth whitening is easily the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the country. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers teeth bleaching in Shrewsbury, MA, dispels two of the most commonly held myths about the treatment.

Fiction: All Tooth Discoloration Is Caused By Poor Hygiene

Fact: Several factors contribute to stained or discolored teeth.

Although neglecting your oral hygiene will almost certainly end in disaster, it isn’t the only way to sully your smile. Despite what Hollywood might want you to believe, not everyone is born with the makings of naturally pearly white tooth enamel. In fact, genetics determine in part your natural shade of tooth enamel. Your diet also plays a role in the color of your teeth, with darkly colored foods and beverages having the greatest tendency to cause stains. Eating an acidic diet makes teeth more prone to staining by eating away at your tooth enamel, creating a rough surface. Even certain medications, particularly antibiotics, have been known to cause permanent discoloration.

Fiction: Over-the-counter Whitening Products Don’t Work

Fiction: Whitening products work — if you choose the right ones.

If you have light staining on the surface of your teeth, a basic whitening toothpaste will most likely help achieve the desired result  However, more severe stains, such as those caused by using tobacco products or taking medications, require professional teeth whitening. Our Kor Deep Bleaching System is a two-phased approach to whitening, combining treatment in our office with custom whitening trays for home use. Simply wear your custom-fitted trays while you sleep, usually over a period of 14 days. At the end of your treatment period, you’ll visit your Shrewsbury dentist for the finishing touch, an in-office whitening treatment.

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