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6 Questions About Straightening Teeth With Six Month Smiles

If you’ve ever found yourself fantasizing about what it would be like to have beautifully aligned teeth, you’ve probably tried to imagine yourself with a mouthful of metal. Traditional braces, once the only option for teeth straightening, have now been eclipsed by more subtle, yet effective orthodontic treatments. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers Six Month Smiles in Shrewsbury, MA, answers frequently asked questions about this innovative orthodontic treatment.

#1 How is Six Month Smiles different from other metal braces?

Unlike most metal braces, Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored hardware to straighten your teeth. Tooth-colored wires and clear brackets make for a more subtle method of coaxing teeth into alignment. So while the hardware may be visible to others, it is far less so than what you would expect from silver braces.

#2 Am I a candidate?

Most of our patients will qualify for treatment with Six Month Smiles. Because the emphasis is on cosmetic straightening, the system is ideal for adults whose bite does not require major adjustment.

#3 Are risks associated with Six Month Smiles similar to other treatments?

As with metal braces, Six Month Smiles will require you to adjust your hygiene regimen slightly to accommodate the hardware. If you do not clean your teeth and gums properly, there is a chance that you will develop tooth decay or gum disease during treatment. However, this is also true even if you do not wear braces! Compared to traditional braces, Six Month Smiles are less likely to adversely impact your oral health.

#4 How are results achieved so quickly?

Typical orthodontic treatment for metal braces spans two years, whereas Six Month Smiles works in only a fourth of that time. Your dentist attributes this to the fact that Six Month Smiles does not straighten all of your teeth. Instead, it targets only those teeth that are visible when you smile.

#5 How are they different from invisible braces?

Like Invisalign and ClearCorrect, Six Month Smiles aims to straighten your teeth as subtly as possible. All three options utilize less conspicuous hardware to achieve the desired results, but invisible braces are constructed of a single piece of clear plastic that fits over your entire top or bottom arch.

#6 How often will I visit my dentist?

Traditionally, wearing braces meant visiting your orthodontist every few weeks to have your hardware tightened. With Six Month Smiles, you’ll visit your Shrewsbury dentist every four to five weeks.

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