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Contouring for Troublesome Tooth Textures

In the quest for the perfect smile, few people stop to consider how the texture of their teeth impacts their grin. The enamel may be pearly white and strong, but pits, ridges, and grooves in the tooth surface can dull your smile, lending an uneven appearance. Not everyone is a good match for porcelain veneers, but fortunately Dr. Todd Pizzi offers another solution: teeth contouring in Shrewsbury, MA. What is contouring, and why do our patients love it?

The Anatomy of a Tooth

Most people assume that each tooth is a single type of material throughout, but this isn’t accurate. Several thin, naturally translucent tissue layers make up each tooth. Of these, the outermost layer comprises the tooth enamel. The contouring process entails the careful, conservative removal of tooth enamel to create a more uniform tooth surface.

What Patients Love About Contouring

Teeth contouring appeals to many different types of patients. For some, it’s the fact that no prep work is required before receiving treatment, whereas some preparation is needed for bonding and veneers. Contouring is also an economical alternative to veneers and, in some cases, orthodontic treatment. Because teeth that slightly overlap may be contoured, there is no need for the lengthy treatment time associated with traditional braces. If you’ve ever found yourself echoing these sentiments, you may be an excellent candidate for teeth contouring.

“I have a really busy schedule, so I’m not crazy about the idea of making multiple appointments to have my teeth fixed. Luckily, my dentist can contour my teeth in just one appointment.”

“I’m tired of cutting my tongue on the rough edges of my teeth.”

“I’m on a budget, so veneers and braces are definitely out of my price range. This is cheaper, but the results were undeniable.”

“I’ve always been self-conscious about the fact that one of my front teeth is really pointy and longer than the others. Not anymore!”

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