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Could Holiday Sweets Cause a Dental Emergency?

The holiday season can be rough on waistlines and wallets, but what about your teeth? While there is nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence in holiday favorites, it is best to enjoy these treats in moderation. The stakes? Try tooth decay, broken teeth, and loose fillings. Here are a few of the most common culprits behind seasonal oral health woes.

Popcorn, Especially Caramel and Glazed

Popcorn, a movie theater staple, enjoys a renewed popularity in the holiday months, only it tends to be covered in sugary caramel and other sticky glazes. Not only does this increase the risk of tooth decay; it also means popcorn husks may get stick between your teeth. We see many patients who try to remove the kernels, only to damage the gum tissue with sharp implements. Popcorn kernels are also responsible for countless chipped teeth and cracked fillings.

Sugary, Sticky Fruits

What could be so dangerous about fruit, you might wonder. For one thing, most fruits are naturally high in sugar. This is not generally a problem if you remember to brush, floss, or rinse your mouth after eating fruit. However, dried fruits are more problematic than fresh fruits. Many dried fruits, particularly raisins and anything candied, are worse because their sticky texture is easily lodged between teeth and throughout the mouth.

Peanut Brittle and Pecan Pie

These nutty treats are delicious for sure, but they’re also loaded with sugar and stickiness. Peanut brittle, particularly the harder varieties, threatens to crack teeth and damage fillings. Pecan pie is much softer, but it still packs a wallop of sugar. Use water to rinse your mouth after eating either; this flushes away sugary residue and decay-causing bacteria.

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