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Making Over Your Smile—Starting with Straighter Teeth

As a child, you may not have had much choice in whether or not you wore braces to straighten your crooked teeth. As adults, however, many patients with crooked teeth choose not to correct them, either because they are confident in their smiles, or because they wish to avoid having to wear metal braces. Whatever the reason, the choice to not straighten your teeth could have serious consequences for the long-term function and appearance of your smile. If your teeth are uneven, then making over your smile may be simpler than you realize with our choice of discreet clear braces systems.

Alignment, and Your Smile’s Long-Term Appearance

Their appearance is the most noticeable effect of crooked teeth, and as such, it might be the most compelling reason for you to consider fixing them. Yet, appearance only scratches the surface of crooked teeth’s consequences. For your bite to work properly, straight teeth are needed to properly distribute the pressure. Otherwise, some teeth can be forced to endure more stress than they are meant to, and the pressure can cause further misalignment, dental damage, and an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

An Easier Way to Straighter Teeth with Clear Braces

If your smile’s look is your main consideration, then the prospect of wearing conspicuous metal braces can make you pause in considering your smile makeover. Fortunately, many older teen and adult patients can find a more convenient, more discreet solution with Invisalign® or ClearCorrect® aligners. Both systems utilize an advanced orthodontic system that comprises a series of clear acrylic aligners, rather than bracket-and-wire braces. Each aligner fits snugly over your teeth, and is designed to gently guide them towards straighter, more functional, and more appealing positions. The aligners are removable, so they won’t interfere with your meals and hygiene routines, and the virtually-invisible acrylic remains unnoticeable even when the aligners are in place.


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