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Learn More About Composite

You hear dentists and friends throw around the word “composite,” so you’re sure it must have some significant value in dentistry. “What’s so exciting about this buzzword?” you may wonder to yourself. While you may realize it is a material used in dental fillings and other treatments, the specifics might remain a bit fuzzy. We encourage you to learn more about composite and what it has to offer your smile.

What Is Composite?

Composite is a substance composed of synthetic resin. It is moldable, which means we can shape it to fill openings. We can also create shapes to extend or replace tissue. We may even use it like paint as thin layers to cover tooth tissue. Composite is a color-customizable substance, as well. It typically looks white, but we can adjust the shade to match the particular coloring of your tooth.

Which Treatments Rely On Composite?

Composite is a key player in “tooth-colored” fillings, which you may also know as “white fillings” or “composite fillings.” This restorative treatment removes tooth decay and fills the remaining hole, returning your tooth to full function and comfort. We also use composite in dental bonding. This process is an additive treatment in which we replace missing tooth tissue, or add tissue where you wish you had more. For example, we may extend a tooth that appears too short, repair small chips and cracks, or fill spaces between teeth.

Benefits Of Composite

Surprised to learn there are even more advantages to the use of composite? In addition to blending seamlessly with your surrounding tooth for a natural finish, composite offers the following benefits:

  • A composite filling requires the creation of a smaller opening when compared with metal, which means you retain more of your natural tooth
  • This substance does not heat up or cool off quickly like metal does, so you will not experience heightened sensitivity
  • Composite is safe for most people – even pregnant women – and because it is free of metal, it works for people allergic to metal, too

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