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Three Reasons Not to Ignore Your Dental Checkups

Attending your routine dental checkups and cleanings are as essential to your good dental health as brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Yet, many people don’t consider it the priority that it should be, and might either forget, or simply neglect, to attend every appointment. Unfortunately, such neglect may be a significant reason why dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease are among the most common chronic illnesses in the world. Given the effects that oral health issues can have on your systemic wellbeing, it is important not to ignore your dental checkups and cleanings, which may be your most important defense.

Tooth Decay Hurts

If your tooth hurts, and you can find no relief at home, then visiting the dentist might seem like the next logical step. However, the more preferable solution would be to prevent your teeth from hurting in the first place by keeping them healthy. Cavities, caused by tooth decay, are among the leading causes of toothaches, and one of the many conditions that can only be prevented by maintaining a schedule of routine dental visits.

Gum Disease Can Cost You Teeth

Another common dental health issue, gum disease attacks your gum tissues and jawbone, eroding your teeth’s supportive structures. Unlike cavities, gum disease does not usually cause prominent discomfort until it has reached a mature stage and infected enough of your gums to expose your teeth’s roots. If it isn’t detected at your dental checkup and treated early, then gum disease may eventually cause enough damage to lead to tooth loss.

Oral Cancer is Best Caught Early

Besides common issues like cavities and gum disease, your checkups appointments also include a thorough oral cancer screening to detect ulcers, lumps, tumors, and other abnormalities in your oral tissues. Oral cancer claims a disturbingly high mortality rate, but when caught early, its potential harm can be significantly mitigated with immediate treatment. If we detect any cause for worry, we may recommend you see a specialist as soon as possible.


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