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What Bruxism Does To Your Teeth

Of all the issues that can affect your dental health, like cavities that rot your teeth or gingivitis that attacks your gums, you might not consider your own teeth a threat to themselves. Yet, if you experience bruxism, or unconscious (and therefore uncontrollable) teeth-grinding, then your teeth may be in grave danger of excessive wear, severe danger, or worse. To protect your smile, we can carefully inspect your teeth for signs of grinding, and suggest an appropriate treatment to avoid the need for extensive repairs.

Why Many People Grind Their Teeth Too Often

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth as you read this, you might not necessarily need to attend a dental appointment. However, if you catch yourself doing it often, or if your partner complains that you grind your teeth in your sleep, then bruxism may be real and present danger. Depending on your specific condition, the cause may be an unhealthy amount of stress and anxiety, or a dental condition that affects the balance of your teeth and/or jaws. In some cases, bruxism can be a sign of TMJ disorder—a detrimental dysfunction in your jaw’s joints.

How to Stop Teeth-Grinding and Restore Your Smile

While bruxism treatment is tailored to every patient’s unique needs, and the causes of their conditions, it is usually focused on restoring your bite’s balance. Minor cases of teeth-grinding may be relieved with stress-relaxation techniques, or with a custom-designed oral appliance that allows your jaws to rest more comfortably (typically worn at night). The appliance will also protect your teeth from grinding against each other while you sleep at night, which is most-often when teeth-grinding is at its worst.


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