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Why Worry About Crooked Teeth?

If you’re teeth are crooked, then your main concern might be how they make your smile look. While confidence is important, however, appearance is the least serious complication associated with teeth misalignment (malocclusion). If you’re not that concerned with the appearance of your crooked teeth, then you might mistakenly believe that straightening them isn’t a priority.

They Make Good Hygiene Harder

When you run your toothbrush over your teeth, you’re cleaning away food debris and deposits of plaque—a byproduct of bacteria that inhabit the mouth. A smooth, even contour allows the brush to effectively clean the surfaces of your teeth, reducing your risk of bacteria-related dental issues (like tooth decay, gum disease, and chronic bad breath). When teeth are crooked, they can jut out at odd angles, making it harder for your toothbrush and floss to thoroughly clean them.

They Don’t Work Well Together

As you bite down, your upper and lower teeth should meet evenly, with the upper teeth just slightly in front of the lower ones. When teeth are crooked, some may meet their opposites before the rest of your teeth do. The disturbance can force these teeth to take on more pressure than they were meant to withstand, leading to excessive tooth wear and damage. Also, the imbalance can force your jaws to work harder as they bite and chew, increasing the risk of exhausting the jaw joints and leading to TMJ disorder.

How Clear Braces Can Help

Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you’ll never have to worry with braces. Malocclusion can affect patients of all ages, young and old, and straightening crooked teeth is as important for a grown adult as it is for children. Nevertheless, we understand the desire for discretion as you continue with your personal and professional life, and can help you straighten your teeth discreetly with customized Invisalign® clear braces. Made from aligners instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign clear braces are solid pieces of clear acrylic that are molded to fit snugly over your teeth. Each aligner is worn for a couple of weeks, during which it gradually forces teeth into more desirable positions. Invisalign is nearly invisible and removable, allowing you to keep your secret as well as continue to eat and brush your teeth without making drastic changes.


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