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Learn the Truth About Root Canal Therapy

The good news about root canal therapy is that not everyone will have to have the procedure. With the right care and maintenance, and by seeking dental treatment as soon as possible when an issue develops, you can join the ranks of those who successfully avoid the need. Still, the condition that often causes it—tooth decay—affects nearly everyone. While it is usually treated in is early to moderate stages, procrastination or dental damage can expose your tooth’s inner tissues directly to infection, making root canal therapy a necessity.   

Understanding the Need

Severe tooth decay, the reason cavities form in teeth, is a frequent reason for root canal therapy. Decay begins as a bacterial infection in your tooth’s structure, and progresses towards the nerves and tissues at the center of the tooth. Known as the pulp, the center chamber of the tooth is connected to the tooth’s root canals, which extend into your jawbone and can allow the infection to spread if it is not treated with root canal therapy.

Treating a Tooth’s Interior Tissues

Compared to nearly all other dental treatments, root canal therapy has a bit of a notorious reputation. Depending on who you’ve heard horror stories from, myths can range from discomfort to an increased risk of illness. Fortunately, such myths are just that—myths.

The truth is that root canal treatment is much more comfortable than many people realize, especially people who have never undergone the procedure. Using local anesthesia, we will numb the tooth and tissues around it to optimize your comfort, and if you prefer, we can also administer dental sedation to help you relax before and during treatment.

Once you are comfortable, we will carefully access the tooth’s interior to clean away the infection and seal the root canals. After treatment, we will restore the tooth by filling the cavity with a tooth-colored filling, and possibly capping the tooth with a lifelike, porcelain dental crown.


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