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Root Canal Q&A

We often find that patients have a knee-jerk reaction to the news that they have an infected tooth and require root canal therapy. Fortunately, we are here to reassure you that root canal treatments save the health of your tooth, allowing you to return to complete comfort and oral health. Rather than losing your tooth to an extraction, you can keep your natural smile intact. We recognize that you have probably heard a wide variety of stories – good and bad – in your lifetime, which have led you to collect a lot of questions. To address those concerns, we have gathered the following answers to your common questions, so you can feel confident and excited about your visit:

Questions and Answers About Root Canal Treatments

Question: Are root canal treatments uncomfortable?

Answer: Like any other restorative treatment we offer, we incorporate your comfort into the process. Just like with a dental filling, we will thoroughly numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues, so you can feel certain you can remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Question: What happens during a root canal and why do I need one?

Answer: You need a root canal treatment because your dental pulp is infected. This is the tissue that lines your root canals – or the lowermost chambers of your teeth. The pulp houses nerves and blood vessels. By neglecting the infection, your tooth may abscess or the infection may spread. To save your tooth, we will gently create an opening in your tooth, remove the infected pulp, and reseal your tooth. Your tooth will remain alive and healthy even without its pulp.

Question: Will my tooth still function and look the same?

Answer: We may place a beautiful dental crown over your tooth if necessary to restore its function, to protect it against future bacterial invasion, and to ensure your smile’s appearance remains uniform.


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