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Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Are you a patient who wishes for a straighter, more beautiful smile but you don’t really require the comprehensive treatment of complete braces? Patients visiting us with this concern often feel like they are stuck in an inopportune place “between” treatments. Choosing clear braces like Invisalign is simply overkill but avoiding cosmetic treatment altogether means they will not achieve a uniform, improved smile. The good news? We offer Six Month Smiles for accelerated treatment that addresses your unique needs. Ready to learn more about the benefits? Find out more with the following:

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

  1. We can address just your visible teeth. If your main concern is that you simply want to improve the way your teeth look (and that treatment for a misalignment that you don’t have is unnecessary) you are in luck. Six Month Smiles addresses the teeth that show when you smile, so you can concentrate on gaining the esthetic improvement you want.
  1. The system provides incognito wear. Worried that since you do not need Invisalign or ClearCorrect that you will have to agree to metal braces? Fortunately, Six Month Smiles also offers patients barely visible treatment that will quickly and effectively improve your smile. You will wear clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, which most onlookers will not even notice.
  1. You will enjoy the speedy treatment you desire. You have an isolated concern that requires care not quite as complex as that necessary for a severe malocclusion like an overbite or serious overcrowding. We will focus on the visible teeth in your smile with the use of advanced, low-force technology. You can expect surprising comfort and improvement within a brief time span.
  1. You will quickly enjoy improved confidence. Patients often overlook the significance of improving their smile’s appearance. Straightening your teeth, however, will improve the first impression you make on others as well as the way you feel about yourself. Raising your self-esteem may cause you to feel more motivated in many aspects of your life – everything from romantic endeavors to your career may become even better.


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