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Emergency Dentistry: Your Common Questions

There are few things scarier than an emergency, particularly when something has gone wrong with your oral health. In addition to the shock that comes with the unexpected, the reason you require urgent care is typically the result of something being seriously wrong. Fortunately, we offer emergency dentistry to help you feel comfortable again and to repair the problem. Rather than giving into the desire to panic when you find yourself in discomfort, break a tooth, or something else unforeseeable occurs, we encourage you to contact us for an emergency visit and let us worry about the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

Question: How do I know if it’s a dental emergency or a medical emergency?

Answer: It’s very important that you make this determination. If you’re suffering from a medical emergency then you will need to visit your local ER or call 911. If you’re dealing with a true dental emergency, you should contact us. What’s the difference? Well, a medical emergency occurs when your life is in danger – even if the source of your problem is related to your teeth, gums, or other oral structures.

Question: What if I’m not sure if you will consider my discomfort or problem a dental emergency? I’m sort of embarrassed to call.

Answer: We always prefer that you contact us if you think you are in need of urgent care. We will help you determine the best time to schedule an appointment. Waiting too long to see us may result in significantly negative side effects, such as tooth loss or an abscess. You should always feel comfortable asking questions, so we can guide you toward the best solution.

Question: What if it’s the weekend or after hours?

Answer: Call us at any time. Our on-call dentist is available all the time to make sure that you have access to care when you truly need it.


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