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Teeth Whitening: Test Your Knowledge

Do you ever feel the need to hide your smile because of discoloration? Maybe you have some staining or yellowing that causes you to look older than your true age. Whatever the concern, we can often brighten your smile with teeth whitening. However, just because you know you have a cosmetic option at your disposal does not mean you immediately feel ready to agree to treatment. By taking the following quiz you can learn more about whitening and gain a better understanding of whether treatment is right for you.

Teeth Whitening True-or-False Quiz

  1. True or False: Whitening will cause your teeth to become extremely sensitive but you will be happy with the esthetic results.
  2. True or False: One of the most wonderful benefits of whitening is that it can greatly improve your confidence.
  3. True or False: We offer powerful teeth whitening to address even serious staining.

Whitening Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. We provide patients with specially formulated whitening treatments that offer strong brightening, while protecting your teeth against damage. This is unlike the common damage and discomfort caused by over-the-counter (OTC) products, which are sold in universal formulations too weak to offer the results you desire.
  2. True. Your smile is one of the first features someone notices when they see you for the first time. Your impression is important in a variety of situations, from applying for a job to striving for a promotion, meeting new friends, socializing with old friends, and more. Improving your smile can provide you with an immense boost in self-esteem.
  3. True. We offer a combination treatment, which includes at-home whitening as well as in-office whitening. You can expect dramatic results with a brighter smile that looks several shades whiter for a more youthful appearance.


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