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Bruxism Leads to Serious Damage

Grinding your teeth momentarily while you’re thinking about something is not cause for alarm. However, if your teeth clenching or grinding is a habit that you perform on a daily basis, it’s time to speak with us about bruxism treatment. What’s so important about addressing this daily issue? Unfortunately, bruxism may lead to serious damage when left untreated. For a clearer understanding of why it’s so important to visit us for treatment, we encourage you to look over the following information:

Worn Teeth

Grinding your teeth together may cause the outermost layer of your teeth – called enamel – to erode over time. This is problematic because the textured surface of your teeth assists you in chewing and breaking down foods.


As the outermost layer of your tooth begins to become worn down, you may notice that your teeth begin to feel much more sensitive. First, the daily pressure associated with bruxing may result in nerve problems and discomfort. Second, you will find that the erosion may expose portions of your teeth that were previously protected, resulting in extreme sensitivity, particularly while chewing. Fortunately, by seeking bruxism treatment, you can prevent this type of damage from occurring.

Tongue Indentations and Damaged Cheek Tissue

Take a look at your tongue in the mirror. Are there indentations along the border of your tongue with a scalloped appearance? The pressure caused by daily grinding and clenching may affect your tongue – you may also accidentally damage your cheek tissue. Bruxism treatment will protect not only your teeth but also your surrounding structures.

Tooth Damage or Loss

Repeat pressure can eventually become too much for your teeth. The stress may lead to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth and can even result in tooth loss when neglected for too long. Seek treatment to keep your smile healthy.


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