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Preventive Dentistry: Reasons to Take It Seriously

Like you have heard in the past regarding most types of illnesses, prevention is the best method to remaining healthy. The same is true for your smile and surrounding supportive structures. What you may not realize is that preventive dentistry offers extraordinary protection against problems that may cause you to spend extra time and money that you could otherwise preserve. Wondering what makes preventive care so exceptional? Learn more about the details with the following information:

Save The Effort

Preventive dentistry includes the care that you provide your smile at home. It also includes the care you allow us to provide when you visit us for twice annual preventive visits, including dental cleanings and checkups. Here’s how you can save yourself time and effort: If you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and see us every six months, you will likely not have to do much more than that. However, if you become lax in any one of these – or all of these – areas, you greatly increase your likelihood of requiring restorative care treatments, such as fillings or root canal treatment.

Save The Money

About those restorative treatments. If you do not need to address tooth decay or other problems, you will not need to spend more money than is required of preventive dentistry visits. However, neglecting prevention means you will need to invest in restorative care to return your mouth to good oral health.

Avoid Discomfort

Plaque sits on your teeth every day. This substance is full of bacteria that, when you brush your teeth and visit us for preventive dentistry visits, is consistently removed from your teeth. The result is daily comfort and great function. However, when plaque stays put, it leads to a variety of problems like cavities, gum disease, and infection that may include serious discomfort. Keep your mouth feeling comfortable with consistent preventive care.


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