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The Benefits of One-Visit Teeth Whitening

If you have grown self-conscious about your smile, due to stains or discoloration, you may have found yourself drawn to the myriad of products that promise to provide you with a beautiful, white smile. A wonderfully bright smile can instill a heaping dose of confidence, helping you feel and look your absolute best. Unfortunately over-the-counter whitening products can vary in effectiveness, and even the best options available can take a significant amount of time to adequately lighten your teeth. Lucky for you, over-the-counter products are not the only way to whiten your teeth. Professional teeth whitening can create fast and dramatic results! So, if you want to enhance your smile and enjoy the confidence that comes with cosmetic dental improvement, professional whitening offers a quick solution.

How Effective Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth are one of the first and most obvious indicators of your age, as years of wear and staining foods and drinks can take a toll on your enamel. Professional teeth whitening can drastically reduce staining, making your teeth far brighter. For many people, it can actually erase years’ worth of stains, helping them to look and feel younger.

We offer a combination of in-office whitening and take-home products. We also cater your treatment to the degree of staining you have experienced and your tooth sensitivity. By customizing your treatment plan we are able to effectively treat your stains, without causing discomfort or heightened sensitivity. Most patients are able to lighten their teeth three to eight shades through professional whitening, drastically improving the appearance of their smiles.

With great dental hygiene, including regular dental checkups and cleanings, you can help to prolong the results of your professional whitening treatment. That said, over time you may notice stains appearing again. If so, retreatment may be come necessary.


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