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What Cosmetic Dentistry Does for Your Confidence

Have you ever looked at a Hollywood star or world-famous musician and found yourself envying not their riches or stardom, but their teeth? When you feel self-conscious about your grin, it’s natural to long for a straighter, more beautiful smile. But cosmetic dentistry means you don’t have to wish for a better smile, any longer. You can achieve it instead. Learning about your cosmetic dentistry options can help you determine how to best address your concerns. More importantly, treatment can increase your confidence in your smile and yourself!

What Are My Options for Cosmetic Treatment?

There are several treatment options available to address cosmetic concerns. Veneers are one popular choice because of how efficiently they can correct a variety of problems, from alignment issues to deeply set stains. Dental bonding can address similar concerns, at a more affordable cost, but the material used in this treatment is not as stain-resistant or chip-proof as the dental porcelain used in veneers.

Professional whitening is another popular, simple treatment that can drastically enhance your natural beauty. With specialized whitening products it is possible to safely whiten your teeth by several shades, the results of which can last months or years with thoughtful dental care.

Gum lifts, or gum contouring, are a less common but highly effective treatment useful for patients upset by the gumminess of their smiles. If you have noticed your gums looking more prominent, or wish your teeth appeared larger, a gum lift may be helpful.

ClearCorrect allows patients to receive orthodontic treatment without the embarrassment or discomfort of traditional braces. If alignment issues are your primary concern, ClearCorrect might be the best approach.

The most important step you can take is contacting us today, so we can help customize a cosmetic treatment plan that will have you feeling more confident, and proud of your smile!


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