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4 Uplifting Events at the Balloon & Blues Festival This Weekend

If you were wondering what the coolest combination of adventure and music might be, we think hot air balloons and blues are a very serious contender. The 9th Annual Hudson-Concord Elks Club Hot Air Balloon and Blues Festival lifts off this weekend, open to adults and kids alike, and ticket sales actually benefit a scholarship fund. While this may be a hot air balloon and blues fest in name, it goes far beyond those two things. Here are 4 uplifting events that take place at the festival, which goes down August 20th-21st at Elks Club on Hudson, about 20 minutes from Shrewsbury.

Lift Off

Of course one of the major draws to a festival like this is the majestic sight of hot air balloons taking flight at sunrise and sunset. This is something you truly don’t want to miss. Saturday, August 20th, at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, there will be a large and picturesque ascension of balloons. On Sunday, the 21st, as well, 6:00 am will mark lift off for the final round of ballooning.

Don’t Be Blue

The second headliner for this event would be the blues music on Saturday. Three fantastic local bands will be bluesing up the pavilion, including Britt Connors & Bourbon Renewal, and The Bruce Marshall Group.

Get Your Pancake Fix

If you’re the type of early riser to make it to the sunrise lift-off of the balloons, you might want to indulge in the Boy Scouts’ pancake breakfast. This will kick off as early as 6:00 am and can feed your whole family for only $10.


The midday fun at the festival comes in the form of pro-wrestling matches on Saturday. For $20, including your day’s admission, you can meet and greet pro-wrestlers and watch the show that lasts until 2:00 pm at the pavilion.