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Back to Basics: 5 Fast Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s only natural to be a little skeptical about cosmetic dentistry. After all, what could improve on your own natural beauty? We like to think of cosmetic dentistry as more of a boost for your confidence than anything. When you have the courage to smile big and bright, your smile is at its most glowing, no matter how your teeth look. Let’s look at 5 of the questions we often get asked about cosmetics dentistry and give you some fast facts to go with them.

What’s Cosmetic Dentistry, Anyway?

Cosmetic dentistry is any process or procedure that changes the appearance of your teeth or your smile. From your gums to your canines, cosmetic dentistry will work on the look of things.

What Kind of Solutions Do You Have For Teeth Straightening?

For straightening teeth, we offer Invisalign, and for minor overlaps we can use teeth contouring. Invisalign is a set of clear trays that will take the place of braces in correcting your teeth. Teeth contouring can shape a tooth to diminish the appearance of a gentle overlap.

What Can You Do For Whitening?

If you have natural teeth, deep bleaching would be a great option for teeth whitening. Otherwise you may consider an option like porcelain veneers, which can brighten your smile, but also work around any crowns or implants you may have.

How Can I Keep My Teeth Whiter At Home?

To keep your teeth more naturally white, try to avoid dark beverages, such as red wine, coffee, or colas. Also, keep up with your daily routine, by brushing and flossing twice a day.

What Should I Start With?

If you’re looking to start getting some cosmetic dental work, schedule a consultation with your dentist. Before you begin, your dentist will discuss the specifics of your case, and what you may want to try first.