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What Your Teeth Say About You: Installment #2

When it comes to our teeth we want to keep them healthy, strong, and attractive. Most of us look in the mirror and just see, well…teeth, and some pink gum, when we smile. We want our teeth to be straight and white because we know that straight, white teeth are attractive and say a lot about us, such as we have good oral hygiene, we take pride in our teeth, we have enough money to take care of our teeth, and we choose to spend some of our money on our teeth, and more. However, your teeth can reveal some other very surprising things about you!

What is Your Dental Identity?

Did you know that we not only have a personal identity, a professional identity, and a social identity, but we also have a dental identity? Your dental identity is what the physiology of your teeth reveal about you. What is your dental identity?

Gender: Your lateral incisors reveal your gender. For females they are rounded at the end and slightly shorter than their central incisors (your two front teeth).  Male lateral incisors are nearly as long as their central incisors and more square than rounded.

Age: During your youth your central incisors are rectangular with rounded corners and about 10 to 12mm in length. As you age you can lose 1 to 5mm in length, making your teeth shorter, and your central incisors become square with square corners.  

Personality: Your canines, also referred to as “eye” teeth, can indicate your personality. Small canines indicate a pushover personality. A less prominent point (if it is flattened or rounded) indicates a passive personality, but if your canines are more prominent, longer than your lateral incisors, and more pointed, it indicates a powerful and aggressive personality.