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Why Are My Teeth Tired?

Do your teeth feel tired? That may seem like a silly question, and it actually is. What we mean is do your gums feel tired and achy? Does your jaw feel tired and achy too? Do the roots of your teeth seem to ache? Do you wonder why? If you answer yes to the questions below, we may know the reason why your teeth feel tired!

Answer The Following Questions To Find Out If You Are A Bruxer

Yes or No: Is your jaw stiff and tight upon waking?

Yes or No: Do experience tightness/stiffness of the neck and/or shoulders?

Yes or No: Do you experience frequent headaches particularly radiating from the temple?

Yes or No: Do you experience pain in your ears or tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?

Yes or No: Are you experiencing abnormal tooth wear?

Yes or No: Are your teeth chipping, fracturing, or feeling loose?

What Is Bruxism?

All of the above are symptoms of bruxing. Bruxism is the chronic grinding and clenching of your teeth. It often happens when a person is sleeping and unaware of it. Their sleep partner may complain of a grating noise, or the bruxer may wake with, and/or experience, the above symptoms throughout the day. Bruxing is very destructive to your teeth and jaw and can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), or the need for expensive treatments.

What To Do

If you are suffering from any or all of the symptoms mentioned, bring it to the attention of your dentist. A sleep guard is often the treatment of choice for bruxers. It is a comfortable, custom-fabricated appliance that keeps your teeth from touching, therefore, relieving the undue pressure on your teeth and jaw joints.