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Will Teeth Whitening Brighten Any Smiles?

Do you have yellow or brown discoloration on the surface of your teeth? If so, then you probably wish you could obtain a brighter smile. Fortunately, we can help brighten smiles with a professional cosmetic treatment. Will teeth whitening brighten any smile? How does the treatment work?

Frequently Asked Questions About Brightening Smiles with Teeth Whitening

Question: What causes surface stains?

Answer: The most common of discoloration is extrinsic, in which the stains appear on the surface of the teeth. These can be caused by smoking, consuming drinks with dark pigments (soda, coffee, red wine, tea), and eating foods high in sugar and other starches (the resulting plaque buildup can make stains more visible).

Question: What are intrinsic teeth stains?

Answer: These actually form beneath the enamel. As a result, they are often more difficult to remove using store bought options. Intrinsic stains can be the result of fluorosis, tetracycline use at a young age, or injury to the tooth or teeth.

Question: How does teeth whitening work?

Answer: We can address extrinsic stains with our teeth whitening system. The KoR Deep Bleaching system begins with an initial office treatment. When you leave, you take home a set of trays and a bleaching gel. Each night our wear the gel-filled trays over the course of a week to ten days.

Question: Can the system address intrinsic stains?

Answer: In many cases the KoR system can actually address these stains. However, we can also mask intrinsic discoloration as well. We can use dental bonding to mask the stains. We can also place a thin restoration called a veneer, which instantly changes a tooth’s shape and color. We may also combine them, using bonding for the rear teeth and veneers for the front facing ones.