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Whiten In Time For The Holidays

Teeth whitening is the most commonly requested dental treatment, and that’s a good thing considering that your smile is the first thing that people notice. It can be a great confidence booster when you get a compliment on what a beautiful, white smile you have. It makes you want to smile more, instead of hiding your teeth. The holidays are a great time to smile, and therefore, a great time to whiten your teeth.

Our Offerings

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury we offer Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed which is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in only 45 minutes. WhiteSpeed is one of the fastest ways to create a brighter smile. The peroxide-based whitening gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth then activated with a special blue LED light. The gel works by systematically breaking up stains on and underneath the layers of tooth enamel, and the effect of the light accelerates the results so you can have a bright, new smile in one visit.

Zoom Whitespeed Comes with an Added Bonus!

Philips Zoom Whitespeed also includes custom-fitted whitening trays and a gel kit to take home after the one-hour in-office treatment, an added bonus.  The whitening trays are fabricated to fit over your upper and lower dental arches snugly hugging your teeth. Just fill them with gel and it will be evenly applied while preventing saliva from seeping in.  The whitening kit can be used to touchup your teeth after your in-office treatment to keep your smile permanently bright.