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How Come All I See Is Gums?

Your periodontal tissue and ligaments help stabilize and hold your teeth in your jawbone. They are also part of your smile. If your gums are too long, thick, and overgrown you probably have a gummy smile. Your gums should only take up about one-third of your tooth and if they are longer or asymmetrical they will affect the attractiveness of your smile and therefore your self-confidence. Don’t worry. If all you see is gums, we can help!

Gum Contouring

If you are seeing too much gum tissue when you smile, you may be a good candidate for gum contouring. Gum contouring is a surgical procedure that removes excess gum tissue, sculpting it so that it is symmetrical, and so more of your beautiful teeth are showing for a more attractive smile. Gum contouring is performed with a diode laser, rather than a scalpel, so it is faster, easier, and reduces healing time. Before performing the procedure, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic for your complete comfort.

What Gum Contouring Can Do For You

There are many benefits associated with gum contouring, especially using modern technology. Benefits include:

  • Reducing your gum tissue makes for a more well-proportioned and more attractive smile
  • A symmetrical gumline is more esthetically pleasing
  • Helps repair damaged gums as a result of periodontal disease
  • Diode laser technology provides:
    • Antiseptic properties reducing chances of infection
    • Greater precision and control
    • Reduced healing time
    • Reduced bleeding because it cauterizes as it works

So, if you’ve been unhappy with your gummy smile, don’t fret. There is treatment available to help you reshape your smile, and regain your self-confidence.