307 Grafton St #203, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

TILT Studio: Fun At Full Blast!

Do you have teenagers? Do you still think you’re a teenager? Then have we got something for you. As you know, here at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury we aren’t only about dentistry. While we are mostly about dentistry, we also like to encourage our patients to enjoy their community. Not a stone’s throw away is the city of Marlborough, MA, and TILT Studio where you and your family can have fun at full blast!


Located in Marlborough, MA, at Solomon Pond Mall (601 Donald Lynch Blvd.), TILT is fun for all ages. There are several activities to choose from including:

Laser Tag: This black-light attraction is action-packed, putting players right in the heat of the competition in our out-of-this-world laser tag arena. Test your skills tagging your opponents and dodging lasers in this gamer’s galaxy.

Laser Maze: Compete with yourself or others by racing through this exciting arcade-style laser maze with its high-tech interactive game play and unique use of lasers. The faster you go and the fewer laser beams you break, the higher your score.

Black Light Mini-Golf: Prepare yourself for an underwater fanta-sea golfing adventure as you putt your way around our dazzling day-glow painted 18-hole mini-golf course.

Mini Bowling Lanes: Have you ever bowled on mini bowling lane? Well, you can now! While the lanes are all still designed with real hardwood approaches, ball returns, and automatic scoring, the only difference is smaller-sized, light-weight balls, perfect for smaller hands.

Himalaya Bobsled Ride: Did you think you could only bobsled if you were in the Olympics? Not true! Take a ride on our whirling bobsled adventure. It’s fun for everyone!