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3 Reasons To Keep Regular Dental Checkups On Your Calendar

Unless you have been instructed by your dentist to do otherwise, you should plan to go in for a routine dental checkup every six months. These appointments lead to expert care for your teeth, and keep you informed about your oral health. Patients who keep up with regular checkups can see their cavity risk go down, and are less likely to let a problem slip their notice until it is serious. Without regular checkups, you may find yourself coming back to the dentist’s office in pain, and learning your problem stems from something that could have been caught and treated early.

1. You Need A Professional Dental Cleaning To Eliminate Tartar

A professional cleaning with your hygienist means having someone who can reach areas of your mouth you struggle to clean, and having tartar removed. Tartar forms when plaque hardens – that hardening makes it resistant to your daily care efforts.

2. You Can Have Developing Cavities Found And Treated

You might not notice a small cavity forming on a tooth, but your dentist can find it, and recommend early treatment. Restorative dental treatment on a small cavity can be completed with a dental filling, and minimal discomfort. A cavity that evades detection can eventually lead to endodontic trouble, and leave you needing a root canal treatment.

3. Your Dentist Can Keep You Safe From A Range Of Potential Oral Health Issues

Your dentist is focused on catching any signs of tooth decay. Of course, this is one of several issues that can impact your oral health. In addition to cavities, your dentist is checking you for signs of gum disease, and evidence of problems like teeth grinding and TMJ dysfunction.

Set Up A Dental Checkup With Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury

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