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Fighting Gum Disease With An Ultrasonic Scaling

If oral bacteria find their way under your gum line, you can face a potentially serious periodontal health problem if you do not act in time. Initially, you can experience gingivitis. While this might not be painful, it can still trouble you by causing your gum line to recede, or making your gums prone to bleeding. Swelling and reddening of infected tissue can also occur. Without an intervening treatment, you can go on to develop periodontitis, which damages both soft tissue and bone tissue supporting your teeth. Periodontitis can be managed, but there is no measure available to stop the matter. Patients with this problem face serious tooth loss risks. If you develop gingivitis, your dentist can reverse your condition with an ultrasonic scaling.

How Does An Ultrasonic Scaling Protect Me Against Gum Disease?

What makes an ultrasonic scaling so effective against gingivitis? The treatment involves eliminating the bacteria that have moved below your gum line. The ultrasonic scaler offers an effective and more comfortable means of addressing these bacteria, and can release cooling liquids or an antibacterial rinse, to improve your recovery. By targeting these normally hard to access bacteria, the treatment can safely rid your smile of a potentially serious periodontal threat.

Other Preventive Care You Can Enjoy From Your Dentist

At every dental appointment, your teeth will undergo a professional dental cleaning. This involves treatment that will eradicate tartar – because brushing and flossing alone will not dislodge this substance, that session during your checkup is particularly important. Your dentist also protects you by staying alert for signs of trouble. Problems with teeth grinding or TMJ dysfunction can be recognized and addressed before these conditions can create issues that require restorative dental care.

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