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Coffee And Tea Can Stain Your Teeth – Your Dentist Can Help

How do you make sure to start your morning on the right foot? For many people, the day begins with caffeine, either in the form of coffee, or tea. While these beverages can feel vital to fully waking up, they can contribute to unsightly teeth stains. They are not alone in this – drinks like red wine and soda also carry discoloration risks. When stains settle into your enamel, your dentist can provide a professional whitening treatment to help you regain your best and brightest smile. It should be noted that enamel stains are not the only issue that can lead to discoloration. If you have questions or concerns about how to best approach cosmetic dental work, your dentist can give you insight into what treatment might be best for you.

Choosing A Professional Whitening Treatment Over Store Bought Products

Professional whitening agents available to your dentist will go beyond the surface of your teeth and attack stains that are in deeper layers of your enamel. This allows them to make bigger improvements – while store bought products can help, they typically fail to address more than stains on the surface.

Controlling Your Risk For Future Stains

Simply put, if you limit your exposure to items you know carry a risk for staining your teeth, you can control your risk for stains. An effective dental cleaning strategy can also help to keep your smile nice and bright.

Not Sure Where To Start With Professional Cosmetic Care? Talk To Your Dentist!

Your dentist is able to perform multiple cosmetic dental treatments. If you feel that whitening is not right for your needs, but still want to improve your appearance, they can offer details on what approach might be the best for you.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Help With Stains On Your Teeth

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