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Making Sure You Have The Endodontic Care You Need

Proper restorative tooth care can be more complicated when it comes to issues with the interior of your tooth. These issues, known as endodontic issues, can require a more involved procedure than a cavity that is simply removed, and addressed with a dental filling. The most common procedure dealing with internal issues is the root canal treatment. This is often used for advanced cavities, but it may be necessary after an injury as well. In situations where the problem is more complicated, your dentist can make sure your needs are fully met, so that you completely recover from whatever issue you are facing.

Different Situations That Can Call For More Involved Endodontic Care

A cavity that leads to an infection in your tooth’s pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are located, will demand a root canal. This can also be required if an injury leads to damage within your tooth, particularly if the tooth is cracked, or has to be reinserted after becoming dislodged. In some cases, your dentist may have to perform an apicoectomy to properly care for your tooth. This involves the removal of a root end, as well as infected periodontal tissue in the area.

Your Dentist Can Help If You Are Not Healing Properly After A Root Canal

Sometimes, a patient will need to return for help after a root canal because they did not heal properly. Root canal retreatment will see your dentist re-clean the initially treated area, and re-seal it. This may not be needed until months after your initial root canal – in some cases, it may be needed years after the fact.

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