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Quiz: Gum Disease And Ultrasonic Scaling

It is important to acknowledge that gum disease and tooth loss are linked, and that poor periodontal health can lead to troubles later in life. If you allow your periodontal condition to reach an advanced stage, the infection can begin to break down the gum and bone tissues supporting your teeth. Smart preventive oral care at home will help you avoid gum disease. Regular dental exams are also important, as your dentist can check you for any indication that you are dealing with a periodontal infection. For those patients who need help with gum disease, an ultrasonic scaling can treat your gums by removing bacteria under your gum line.


True Or False: If you want your dentist to look at your gums during a routine checkup, you have to make a note of that when you schedule your visit. Otherwise, they will only look at your teeth.

True Or False: There is no real connection between gum disease and tooth loss.

True Or False: By removing harmful bacteria from your teeth under your gum line, your dentist can help you reverse gum disease.


False! Your dentist pays full attention to your teeth, mouth, and gums during your regular dental exams. If symptoms of a problem are detected, they can talk to you about treatment.

False! Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, so your periodontal health is absolutely important to protecting yourself against losing teeth.

True! By performing an ultrasonic scaling, your dentist is able to remove bacteria that are residing under your gum line. Eliminating those bacteria can allow you to recover from a troubling infection.

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