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Quiz: Endodontic Dental Concerns

An endodontic dental concern is an issue that threatens the interior of your tooth. When something like this arises, it can be a serious issue for your oral health. If the nerves and blood vessels within your pulp become infected, it can put your entire tooth in jeopardy. This will happen if you have a cavity form, though it is possible for your dentist to provide the appropriate restorative dental care and remove decay before this takes place. Patients will also suffer this problem because of a dental injury. One particular issue is when an injury leaves behind a crack that exposes the interior of your tooth.


True Or False: A cavity will always cause endodontic problems, no matter how quickly it is caught and treated.

True Or False: You may suffer endodontic problems after experiencing a dental injury.

True Or False: If you experience problems with a tooth after undergoing a root canal, a root canal retreatment may be necessary.


False! If your dentist has the opportunity to treat a cavity before decay reaches your pulp, you will be able to avoid endodontic troubles. A cavity that receives early treatment will typically leave your tooth needing nothing more than a dental filling.

True! An injured tooth may develop internal issues, particularly if a crack forms that exposes your pulp. This can lead to prolonged discomfort, and is one of the reasons you should react quickly when you suffer a dental injury.

True! Some patients will experience problems after a root canal has already been performed. A root canal retreatment involves your dentist performing an additional procedure to find the source of your trouble, and make sure you have the care you need.

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