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Addressing Uneven Or Excessive Gum Tissue

The presence of uneven or excessive gum tissue can leave a person frustrated by their appearance. When your gums feel bulky, or seem to take up too much of your teeth, you can be bothered by the feeling that your teeth are too short or squat. Uneven tissue will create potential distractions, and interfere with the symmetry of your smile. Cosmetic dental treatments are typically focused on your teeth, but you should know that your dentist can also do work to safely address periodontal cosmetic concerns. You may choose to only undergo a gum contouring procedure, but patients looking to dramatically improve their smile may prefer to address flaws with their teeth, in addition to their gums.

Undergoing Multiple Cosmetic Treatments

Undergoing multiple cosmetic treatments can lead to a dramatic change in your appearance. Your focus does not need to center on your teeth alone. You may want to have a gum contouring performed along with the placement of porcelain veneers, to make striking overall changes. If you want to do something about the area around your smile, combining cosmetic dental work with Botox or dermal fillers can also lead to more comprehensive changes.

Issues With The Health Of Your Gums? We Can Help With That, Too!

Your dentist can help you take care of cosmetic concerns that center around your gums, as well as oral health concerns. If you have issues with your gums because of a periodontal infection, an ultrasonic scaling will allow your dentist to target bacteria under your gum line, and restore the tissue. Without treatment, gum disease can continue to worsen, potentially affecting your smile, and even your general health!

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