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When Jaw Problems Limit Your Ability To Eat And Speak

A persistent pain in your jaw joints can give routine tasks like biting, chewing, and speaking a frustrating degree of difficulty. If you are suffering from TMJ dysfunction, you may find it harder to move your jaw at all, while also experiencing pain in the joints, as well as in your face, neck, and head. Your dentist can discuss the condition of your jaw during a routine dental appointment, but you can also reach out if you are concerned about possible TMJ issues. You should know that if your problems include a tendency to grind your teeth, you could be in jeopardy of suffering serious dental harm.

Arranging Proper Treatment For TMJ Problems

Arranging treatment for persistent TMJ issues can help you improve your jaw function, and reduce routine pains you have been experiencing. This problem, known as TMD, can be addressed with a special oral appliance you wear at night. When in place, that appliance can relieve strain by keeping your jaws in better alignment. This can also protect you against nighttime teeth grinding, which can lead to serious dental damage. In some cases, Botox injections can be used to relieve the soreness in your jaw joints.

Teeth Grinding Creates A Serious Risk For Dental Damage

Grinding your teeth puts you at real risk of leaving teeth chipped or cracked, and will generally increase their rate of experiencing wear and tear. If you are concerned by the visible effects of damage, you may want to discuss a cosmetic dental treatment. If you have suffered more serious harm, you could require restorative dental care.

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