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Are You Leaving Parts Of Your Smile Unclean?

If you take time to brush your teeth at least twice a day, you must be doing a good job of protecting yourself against cavities, right? Brushing is absolutely important, and not something you should skip. That being said, if you only brush, and fail to include flossing in your habits, you can leave yourself vulnerable to decay in those spaces between your teeth. These areas are difficult to reach with a brush, but flossing allows you to target bacteria and food debris that may be residing in these areas. Between brushing, flossing, and keeping up with regular dental cleanings, you can give your smile the thorough preventive protection it deserves.

Flossing Gives You Access To Parts Of Your Teeth Your Brush Can Struggle To Reach

Leaving parts of your teeth without proper care can leave you at risk for the development of tartar, and tooth decay. When you skip out on flossing, you take the risk of leaving spaces between teeth without an effective cleaning. If this area goes untreated, plaque residing in these areas can harden to tartar, and damage can accumulate until a cavity forms. Failing to floss will also increase the chance gum disease will form.

Regular Dental Exams Give You Better Information On The Condition Of Your Smile

During regular dental exams, you enjoy the thorough attention of your hygienist, and a careful evaluation from your dentist. These visits give you valuable information about the state of your oral health, and can lead to early detection and treatment if something is wrong. Even if you are consistent about brushing and flossing, you should keep attending routine checkups with your dentist if you want to enjoy the most effective preventive care.

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