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Experiencing Trouble After A Root Canal? Talk To Us!

Undergoing a root canal will allow you to recover from a serious dental problem. Root canals are used to target problems in your pulp, where a tooth’s living tissues are housed. This is commonly done as a response to a cavity that has grown severe, but it can also be called for after a dental injury. There are instances where your tooth will experience problems after your treatment. This may occur not long after your procedure, but in some cases there is more separation between the initial care, and the returning discomfort. A root canal retreatment can be performed to target new troubles, and once again protect you against a potentially serious oral health threat.

Root Canal Retreatment May Be Needed Months, Or Even Years, After Your Original Procedure

Root canal retreatment may be needed because your tooth does not heal properly, or because of new concerns. Because problems may occur years after your initial work, patients may not understand what is happening. If you do develop issues, for any reason, you can count on a root canal retreatment to bring relief to your tooth once again.

Endodontic Dental Trouble Should Be Taken Seriously

How serious is a problem that affects the interior of your tooth? When nothing is done in response to endodontic trouble, it can lead to the loss of your tooth, or to the spreading of bacteria beyond the tooth. If you want to avoid complications, make sure you do not delay in reaching out for help from your dentist. Combining smart daily care and regular dental visits will make it easier for you to stay free of the kinds of trouble that can make endodontic care necessary.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help With Dental Troubles After A Root Canal

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, our practice can provide important endodontic services. If you have issues with a tooth – even if it has already undergone a root canal – we can help!