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Quiz: Invisalign’s Impact On Orthodontic Treatment

How has Invisalign affected orthodontic treatment? One big concern people have when they want to straighten their teeth is how braces will impact their appearance. Metal braces can make people feel uncomfortable, but they can also dread the sensitivity and discomfort caused by manual adjustments to their appliance. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners, so you can be discreet about your orthodontic procedure. This approach also eliminates the need for manual adjustments, while also cutting down on the number of check-ins you have to make overall.


True Or False: Your dentist will have to remove each aligner, and replace it with a new one, because there is no way for you to remove them on your own.

True Or False: Invisalign uses clear plastic, ensuring that your aligners are difficult to notice. This means you will not have to worry about a conspicuous aligner drawing unwanted attention.

True Or False: Straightening your teeth can actually improve your defense against cavities and gum disease, as it can be easier to clean your smile when you correct for overlaps between teeth.


False! You can actually remove your aligners, making them more convenient when you eat, and brush your teeth.

True! Invisalign aligners are hard to see when worn, so you can feel less worried about how your orthodontic work affects your appearance. This can be a big benefit for older patients, who may worry that they look unprofessional because of an appliance.

True! Overlaps can cause problems because they make it harder to fully clean your teeth. Because it is easier to leave bacteria behind after cleaning, you can be more likely to suffer problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

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