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3 Problems Your Dentist Can Spot During A Regular Exam

In the course of a routine dental exam, your dentist is paying close attention for any signs of dental trouble. In some instances, they can seek out the source of troubling symptoms like tooth pain. However, they can also identify problems that might have completely escaped your attention! In these cases, problems are typically being identified in their earlier stages. With this early identification, your dentist can provide the appropriate restorative dental treatment sooner, which can mean an easier treatment. This can also means avoiding frustrating complications that might lead to pronounced discomfort.

1. Early Signs Of Tooth Decay

As a cavity progresses, and destroys more of your tooth, you can develop significant discomfort when decay begins to cause internal problems. However, as a cavity forms, it may not cause discomfort. Fortunately, your dentist is able to identify a cavity early in its development, and they can arrange restorative dental treatment before it causes more serious problems.

2. Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Your dentist will look closely at your teeth, and your gums. Quality periodontal care can help you maintain better oral health, and better overall health. Early symptoms of gum disease can be reversible, but an advanced infection can lead to serious complications.

3. Poor Dental Alignment

Typically, your dentist will examine the developing smile of young patients, and recommend an appropriate time to provide orthodontic care. That being said, if you have issues with crooked teeth, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment. In addition to improving how you look, this can make it easier for you to avoid cavities, and may have a positive effect on your bite alignment.

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