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How Your Morning Habits Can Affect Your Smile

Most people have a ritual they stick to at the start of their day. You can take time to dress for work, enjoy a breakfast, and – hopefully – make time to clean your teeth before you walk out the door. What you might not realize is that your oral care practices are not the only action that can impact your smile. While it is certainly important to take time for proper brushing, your choice of breakfast foods and beverages can impact the way your teeth look, and your cavity risk. Making smart choices when you wake up can help you stay cavity-free at your next dental checkup.

How Your Breakfast Choices Can Affect Your Oral Health

What you choose to eat and drink in the morning can have an effect on your oral health. If you gravitate towards sugary breakfast cereals, you could be raising your cavity risk. Yogurt, toaster pastries, and other items can also deliver a high concentration of sugar. Look for breakfast foods that offer more nutrition, and keep your sugar intake low.

What do you typically drink when you start your day? Many people like to give themselves a caffeine jolt with coffee or tea in the morning. This can help you feel focused, but particles from these drinks can leave you with teeth stains. If those stains gather over time, it may take a professional whitening treatment to remove them!

Taking Time To Properly Clean Your Teeth When You Start Your Day

If you rush out the door without brushing your teeth, you are leaving behind oral bacteria and food particles. Those particles that stick to teeth may lead to stains. Oral bacteria that feed on sugars can cause damage to your enamel, which can lead to cavity troubles.

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