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Quiz: Effective Strategies For Defending Your Oral Health

Have you adopted the right strategies to protect yourself against problems like tooth decay and gum disease? While many people will face problems with their smile over time, there are steps you can take to control your risks. Daily oral care is obviously important, but what kind of regimen can give you ideal results? How much time should you spend brushing, and how often should you floss? In addition to practicing smart care at home, you should see your dentist for regular exams. Those visits will consist of a routine review, along with an important professional teeth cleaning. When you maintain a healthy mouth, and keep yourself free of dental troubles, you can keep your smile in great shape for many years.


True Or False: A buildup of tartar at your gum line can put you at risk for gum disease. While tartar can remain after you brush and floss, your hygienist can remove the substance during a professional teeth cleaning.

True Or False: Drinking water with fluoride can make your teeth more resistant to cavities.

True Or False: There is no reason to worry about flossing if you brush at least two times each day.


True! You can prevent a tartar buildup by removing plaque before the material hardens. However, if tartar has already formed, your hygienist can remove it from your teeth.

True! Fluoride encourages a person’s enamel to recover from minor amounts of decay, meaning it will be more difficult for a cavity to form.

False! Flossing once a day can give the spaces between teeth an important cleaning. Even if you brush more often, those areas can still go without effective care because your toothbrush can fail to effectively clean them.

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