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Being Thorough In Your Daily Oral Care Routine

It is important to take time out of your day to practice good oral care. Brushing and flossing both provide you with a defense against oral bacteria, and these habits keep food debris removed from teeth. Of course, for these actions to be effective, the question of how often you brush and floss should be followed by a question of how thorough you are in these actions. If you rush your daily dental care regimen, you can consistently leave areas of your teeth poorly cleaned. If this occurs, you can be vulnerable to cavities and gum disease! By making sure you give yourself time to fully clean your teeth, and having regular dental cleanings from your hygienist, you can take significant steps to prevent dental difficulties.

Are You Overlooking These Areas When You Clean Your Smile?

If you neglect your flossing responsibilities, you will consistently leave the areas where your teeth meet at a real disadvantage. These spaces are difficult to clean when you only brush, so oral bacteria and other harmful particles can remain on your enamel. If you simply try to replace flossing with an extra brushing session, these vulnerable areas are still left at a disadvantage. Brushing and flossing should both be performed with the understanding that the spaces you miss are more at risk for problems. Spend at least two minutes when you brush, and work to reach every accessible area of your teeth. When you floss, move the string vertically so that these areas are fully addressed.

Seeing Your Dentist And Hygienist For Professional Preventive Care

Professional dental exams will give you professional information concerning the state of your smile. In addition to a professional teeth cleaning, your dentist is watching closely for any evidence of a problem calling for restorative dental care. Missing these visits makes you vulnerable to worsening oral health issues.

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