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How Much Work Will I Need To Fully Restore My Smile?

Spending time away from the dentist can lead to trouble for your smile, as your oral health can suffer if you go too long without a dental exam. A buildup of decay may make restorative dental work necessary, possibly for several teeth. If you want to make sure your oral health needs are fully addressed, schedule a time for your dentist to examine your teeth. If multiple treatments are needed, your dentist can talk to you about what procedures should be performed, and work with you on scheduling necessary work. This care can be about more than just tooth decay – your dentist can also help you with issues that affect your gums, and even with older restorations that have become worn.

Enjoying Modern Restorative Dental Work

Receiving modern restorative dental care will provide you with great smile work that protects you, and helps with your appearance. Dental fillings and dental crowns are currently being produced with life-like substances that can offer real cosmetic value.

Replacing Older Restorations

Older dental work can eventually become worn, and less supportive, especially when patients have done a poor job practicing preventive dental care. When you see your dentist to find out what kind of work your smile needs, you may learn that your dentist feels an older crown or filling is in need of replacement. Thanks to the use of new, more attractive restorations, this can lead to a big boost in your appearance, and confidence.

How Can I Make Sure I Won’t Need Multiple Treatments In The Future?

Once your smile is fully restored, your goal should be to keep it healthy. You can see success in this goal by combining better daily oral health care with scheduled dental exams. Those visits combine regular evaluations with professional dental cleanings, which can lead to great support.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Having Care To Fully Restore Your Smile

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